Choosing a garage door opener may be an exciting process but a challenging one. With so many types available in the market, it would be hard to choose the best one there is and you may not have an idea on where to start. 

A garage door opener not only gives you easy access to your home but it also allows you to to increase security features in your property. In choosing a garage door opener, you will need to consider several factors for you to find the one that best fits your a homeowner, you need to make sure that you have conducted a good amount of research for you to come up with the best choice of sectional panel lift doors.

Types of garage door opener

Chain-drive garage door opener – this type of garage door uses a metal chain to drive the trolley and make the door open and close by raising it or lowering it down. This type of opener costs less but it produces more noise and vibration compared to other types.

Belt drive garage door opener – it functions the same as the chain drive but instead of metal chain, it uses rubber to move the trolley. The rubber belt provided a quieter and smoother operation but this is quite expensive. It also contains few moving parts so it requires less maintenance.

Screw drive garage door opener – it uses steel to lift the moving mechanism. The door is raised or lower down as the steel rod rotates. Just like the belt drive, reduced moving parts means reduced maintenance.

Direct drive garage door opener – this type of opener offers a quiet function mechanism. The motor acts as the trolley itself and travels along the track wish makes the door raise and lower down. This means that the whole system only has one moving part which is the motor. This is the reason why the noise is reduced as well as the vibration.

So here are the factors you need to consider in choosing the best garage door opener for your home.

Construction and Materials

As you know, garage doors today are made of different kinds of materials. They are made out of wood, aluminium, steel, fibreglass, PVC, etc. You have to know the durability, design and maintenance factor for you to choose what is best for you. So it would be better to ask professionals which material would be best for your needs.

Size and weight

Of course, you need to choose the garage door opener that best fits the size and weight of your garage door. If you have a heavy garage door then a chain drive may not be ideal.

Noise level

If your garage door is located below your bedroom or living area, then you might want to consider a quieter option like a belt drive.

Speed – choose a garage door opener that won’t make you wait long in the driveway for your garage to open.

Safety and security – this is the most important feature that you need to consider. So, choose a trusted manufacturer for your garage door opener. Choose a garage door opener with safety and security features like infrared beams, rolling codes and action sensors.

After reading this, you may probably have an idea on what type of garage door opener to get, But if you still have questions and want to know more, it is best to visit a garage door company for you to be guided accordingly. Professionals can best advise you on what to get based on your needs and budget. They can provide you with guidelines as well as tips in choosing the best garage door opener for your garage door.